Box Finishes

Once you have selected your box style, the creative process has merely just begun! There is a plethora of options available in the world of box finishes, each one helping you enhance and elevate your brand in whichever way you desire.

From covering materials and print options, fastening and hinges to lining choices, you can create packaging perfectly suited to your brand and it's world.

Covering Materials

We are passionate about covering materials and paper. The choice of paper; natural, embossed, linen, leather or synthetic covering determines the overall finished look and feel of your box.

We understand the benefits of each stock and the importance of making the right choice. This is where our expert knowledge can help your design team explore the various options and select the materials that best suits your needs.

We work closely with all the key paper suppliers keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends in order to provide the right advice to you.

Some key considerations include; environmental credentials, durability, presentation value (luxurious, contemporary etc), texture (pulp, grain, tactile), colour, print compatibility and weight.

Print & Decoration

Sharing your story and presenting your brand visually is one of the most exciting parts of your packaging design. We will guide you on the most suitable print methods for your packaging, based on your brand, your design and cover paper choice.

We print in house and work closely with select print partners to ensure the quality of your print work, no matter the method, is to an exacting standard. We can advise on print requirements, from technical, specification through to quality control.

  • High quality litho print and varnish options
  • Range of metallic and colour foils
  • Emboss or deboss (or both)
  • Decals for added embellishments

Customised inlays add another dimension to your packaging. If you are looking to elevate the presentation of your product and add extra protection, our team can help you create the perfect inlay, for both creativity and practicalities. Some considerations:

  • Be subtle or bold with colour
  • Choose cushioned soft touch inlays or more rustic and tactile
  • Line with hessian, satin or tissue paper
  • Brand with your design or keep it plain

Hinges are a practical element of packaging if you have chosen a hinged, gate fold or book style box. Taking care of the finer, essential, details is important to how you present your product to complete that luxurious look you desire. Our team will help you with:

  • Creating a refined look with a concealed hinge or making a feature of it
  • Choosing the right material for your pack
  • Considering sustainable options
  • Deciding on the mechanism - soft close or spring loaded

Let us inspire you.

Fastenings & Closures

Get creative with all elements of your packaging, even your fastenings. You can make a feature of your closing mechanism as part of your design, or choose a minimalist approach and conceal it within the box style. A fastening is an exciting first point of interaction for your consumer, as they start to unbox and reveal the product. Choices include:

  • Selection of colours, sizes and materials
  • Structural fastenings such as magnets, metal clasps or hinges
  • Tactile options such as press studs, ropes, cords or ribbon
Inserts & Fitments

For products that need extra protection, for the rigors of their supply chain, or purely for an enhanced presentation style, inserts are a requirement. There are a range of options and materials for all shapes and sizes of products, and are completely customisable.

Choose to make a feature of your insert with a statement colour or design, or have it understated to let your product stand out. Our knowledge and experience can guide you through: material, format and style. You have invested in your product, let us invest our time in looking after it!

Make a sustainable choice

Our range of finishes allows you to make sustainable choices when it comes to materials, hinges, closures and decoration, without compromising on the quality of your packaging.

% plastic-free, magnet-free closures
% pulp or paper fitments instead of plastic or foam
% recycled or paper pulp ribbons instead of plastic